Telecommuting is a growing business trend. Employees are finding greater job satisfaction in working from home on a more relaxed schedule; and employers are discovering that allowing employees to work from home several days a week results in employees that are more productive, more creative and happier. It is that win-win scenario that has pushed telecommuting to the forefront of the movement toward a virtual workplace.Woman Working From Home

Virtual jobs are the natural “next step” in the evolution of employment innovation. Telecommuters typically split their work week between home and office, spending a couple of days meeting and collaborating with colleagues and the rest of the week working independently from home. However, advances in teleconferencing communications and mobile technology have been eroding the need for in-person meetings. Many companies are finding that face-to-face communications can be handled more efficiently, more cost effectively and nearly as adroitly in the cyberspace landscape of the virtual office as in traditional brick-and-mortar office settings.

Remote workers do face some challenges not incurred by onsite workers. When promotions and key assignments are handed out, onsite workers benefit from their constant physical presence. Telecommuters and home workers suffer from the “out of sight, out of mind” effect and must work harder to maintain an “office presence” so they don’t slip under their manager’s radar.

While the social benefits of the office community still offer value (we are, after all, a social species), employees can expect telecommuting to become more the norm than the exception. If you’re new to telecommuting, use these tips to maximize your effectiveness:

  • In concert with your supervisor, develop clear performance and reporting expectations and establish specific performance review measurements and schedules.
  • Maintain a daily presence at the office when you are working remotely. Check in with co-workers, offer comments on collaborative projects and provide daily updates of client contacts and offsite work in progress.
  • See that your home office is equipped with necessary equipment compatible with home office technology.

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