If you’re starting a business on Zoondy, Pinterest can be a fun way to promote your product or services. As noted in our previous post, Pinterest’s emphasis on visual media and social sharing offer a dynamic new avenue for marketing your business that does not require the constant time investment of Facebook, Twitter or blogging. Pinning a few new items to your Pinterest board each month can be enough to keep followers coming back to see what’s new. With the internet at your disposal, finding pinnable items isn’t difficult, and you can browse for photos on your smartphone whenever you have a free moment.

As you know, there are tricks to every trade. So before you start pinning, check out the following helpful tips for using Pinterest to promote your business:

  • Make it easy for people to share your product with their friends by adding a “pin-it” icon to each website page as well as your blog, Facebook and other social media tools. The free Pinterest widget is easy to install and makes it possible for consumers to repin photos of your products with a simple click.
  • Protect proprietary photos on your site by added a watermark to your image. Most people use their business name or website URL. If your business is on Zoondy, you could use your Zoondy URL. This ensures that you receive credit when someone repins an image you created and also helps to drive more traffic to your website.
  • Attach a short descriptive text to each image that identifies the item. Steer clear of one word exclamations and include key words to define the product. If you’re marketing homemade bread, instead of “Yummy!” use Yummy homemade Honey-Glazed Pumpkin Bread. You want to make sure people know what they’re seeing both on your board and when the photo is repinned.
  • Like all social media, Pinterest is interactive. Just as you do in Twitter, use tagging (@screen name and #hashtags) to increase the personal connection between you and your Pinterest followers.

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