What’s your freelancer fantasy? Working in your pajamas? Tapping away at your computer while you lounge on the patio? Taking a morning or afternoon off to do something special without the boss breathing down your neck?

Freelance professional jobs on Zoondy do offer all of those advantages over traditional 9-to-5 jobs, but it pays to remember that freelancers are first and foremost self-employed business owners. TheProfessional Freelancing Business freelance fantasy bears little resemblance to the reality. Take advantage of the perks offered by freelance professional jobs too often and you won’t have many clients or much income to show for your efforts.

Being successful at freelance professional jobs requires self-discipline, a talent for sales and marketing, customer service skills, the ability to maintain a work schedule and meet deadlines, financial acumen and organizational skills. Self-employed freelancers need the same skills as any small business owner. Yes, professional freelancers do sometimes have more scheduling flexibility that the average worker; but there’s a trade off. You’ll often be putting in long hours to complete client projects and handle the managerial duties of a business owner.

Zoondy is the freelancer’s friend. Joining Zoondy’s employment marketplace can take a lot of the pressure off freelance professionals.

  • Zoondy helps you get your freelance business up and running quickly by providing access to a robust online employment marketplace that draws people looking for freelance professionals.
  • Freelancers benefit from Zoondy’s considerable internet presence, SEO maximization and online marketing programs that drive traffic to the Zoondy website and your personal Zoondy page.
  • Zoondy solves one of the freelancer’s thorniest problems: getting paid after the work is delivered. When you do business on Zoondy, clients pay for services up front. Payments are held by Zoondy until the project is complete and then paid to you promptly. With Zoondy, you’ll never have to go to the time and expense of tracking down deadbeat customers.
  • The price is right. Despite all the benefits Zoondy offers freelance professionals, it’s free!

Find out how Zoondy works; then sign up for Zoondy at https://zoondy.com/ and launch your new career as a freelance professional!