Color sends a subliminal message. Red makes us feel energized. Blues and greens have a soothing effect on our psyche. Yellow and orange lift our spirits. Marketers have long plumbed the connection between color and human emotion to attract customers and sell products — and you can too.

The power of color to evoke visceral emotional responses has evolved into a science. It is no mistake that many hospital corridors are painted in soothing shades of blue and green. Representative of nature’s basic elements — trees, sea and sky — these colors are known to have a calming effect on patients and staff. Similarly, daycare centers are often painted in the bold and happy primary colors that children love.

Best known to the average person as a decorating tool, the science of color has expanded into nearly every aspect of our lives. From website appearance to package design to branding campaigns, color has become a critical and well-studied aspect of marketing services and products. If you know the code, you can incorporate into your Zoondy page and company website colors that will attract customers. You can also spur greater sales by packaging products in colors known to encourage customer spending.

In branding and marketing products and services on Zoondy and elsewhere, the science of color can be a powerful sales tool. Here’s the key to the color code:

  • Black connotes class and sophistication. Using black in branding and packaging can instantly up-scale a product.
  • White is associated with purity, simplicity and honesty. White says “what you see is what you get.”
  • Blue is the color of trust and dependability. Blue makes people feel safe and secure, making it a good choice for encouraging customer loyalty.
  • Green has become the instantly recognizable stamp of eco-friendly and sustainable businesses and products.
  • Red generates both energy and caution. Its eye-attracting ability has made it a top choice for announcing sales; but use red carefully. Red’s association with traffic and danger signs can cause consumers to be more cautious about purchases.

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