Virtual employment may be the wave of the future, but first you have to get the job. If you’re serious about making money, making the decision to sell your services on Zoondy is just the first step (click the link to find out how Zoondy works). You have to be ready to make the sale business womanwhen potential clients contact you about a project. Because virtual work contacts are made via the internet and not in person, you’ll need to adjust your standard interview skills to the virtual environment.

Here’s how to take your brick-and-mortar interview skills and make them work for you in the virtual workplace:

  • First impressions count. Make sure you have a dynamite Zoondy website that displays your professionalism. Expect every call or internet contact to be a potential client and respond in a professional manner with courtesy and respect.  Keep in mind that when a potential client calls to interview you for a work assignment, you’ll only have 5 to 10 minutes to impress him with your ability to handle the job.
  • Be on time. When you work online, you don’t have to deal with traffic; but working from home comes with its own set of potential delays and interruptions. Don’t try to conduct business when you’re distracted by family, home life or repairmen. Set aside a time and place for business and train your family to respect those boundaries. If you’ve made an appointment to discuss a project with a client via phone or teleconference, log in a minute or two early so you don’t keep the client waiting. Check emails, Facebook posts, Twitter feeds and other contact avenues regularly and respond promptly. People who do business in the virtual workplace expect same-day service.
  • Be prepared. Pre-package your resume, work samples and other material a potential client might ask for into a single easily-downloadable file that can be quickly emailed to prospective clients. Use a universal file type such as .doc or .pdf that can be opened by nearly any computer operating system.

To be continued

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