When you’re reinventing yourself as an entrepreneur or expanding your earning range by selling your services on Zoondy, finding high-traffic platforms to market yourself and networking with people who might use your services are two critical keys to success. LinkedIn provides both. Free to join, LinkedIn is the premier networking site for business professionals. With more than 160 million members world wide (40% of them in the U.S.), LinkedIn is an instant marketing platform. If you haven’t joined LinkedIn and created a profile, put it at the top of your to-do list.

To make the most of your LinkedIn profile, use these tips:

  • Include keywords in your headline and profile that identify your services and target anticipated users of your services. Don’t overdo it. Judicious use of keywords can move your profile up in search rankings, but flagrant overuse of keywords will actually drop your search rank.
  • Use linking apps to connect your profile to your Zoondy page, website, Facebook business page, mobile site, etc. Interactive linking should connect all of your internet portals. A potential client who visits your LinkedIn profile should be able to easily connect to your Zoondy page, website, etc.
  • Participating in groups can enhance your reputation as an expert in your field. You want to become a go-to person when company executives are looking for help in your area of expertise.
  • Don’t over-generalize in your profile. Provide specifics to validate your credentials. To provide a comprehensive list of awards and accomplishments, create a separate testimonials page.
  • Build a potential client data base by exporting LinkedIn contacts to your email address book.
  • If you have created a personal brand, brand your LinkedIn profile with a custom domain name.

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