The focus of most social media focuses on what people do. On Twitter, we tweet about places we are going, things we are doing, what we see, what we think and videos that make us laugh. On Facebook, we share photos of people we know and things we do and trade comments with each other about the happenings in our everyday lives. But Pinterest adds a new dimension to social media. Pinterest puts the focus on what people want.

If you are selling a product or service on Zoondy, Pinterest can be a great marketing tool to get the word out and generate interest in what you have to offer. Free and easy-to-use, Pinterest is proving to be marketing dynamite. The site boasts more than 20 million active users a month. These people don’t just visit the site to view new boards or scope out what’s new on their favorite Pinterest boards, they actually take time to pin something during their visit. Even more important, Pinterest users have a better track record than their Facebook or Twitter peers for buying products they find on Pinterest. Major corporations such as Whole Foods, Macy’s and Lowe’s are using Pinterest to boost their brands and generate buzz about company-branded merchandise — and you can too!

What is Pinterest? Pinterest is a visual experience. Pages on the website are called “boards.” Created by individual users, they function as digital bulletin boards and are usually built around a theme. Users “pin” or post photos they like to their board. Other users can capture an image they see on a board by clicking on it and “repin” the image to their own board. It’s repinning that makes Pinterest such an effective way to spread news about new products. When someone repins a photo from your board on their own board, a whole new group of people see the product. As the photo of your product is repinned again and again, the audience for your product grows exponentially.

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