If you’re starting a home business on Zoondy, Twitter and Facebook can be useful and creative marketing tools. Unlike other marketing tools, Twitter and Facebook posts have the unique ability to spread the word in real time. Like word-of-mouth news and recommendations, Tweets and Facebook posts benefit from the personal and immediate nature of social media which is further enhanced by the immediate response they tend to generate.Social media marketing

Twitter and Facebook deliver information about the products or services you offer on Zoondy right to the consumer. Consumers get your information raw and unfiltered, maximizing the impact of your message. And social media have the ability to spread your message quickly to huge new consumer communities if a clever post goes viral.

Its ease of use can also lead to social media abuse. You can turn off potential consumers by posting too frequently, posting lame or uninteresting content, posting content unrelated to your products or services, failing to relate content to your target demographic, ignoring the importance of visual content or overusing sharing features. Social media is best used to create a personal link with your customers. Whether you have 20 or 20,000 followers, each needs to feel that your message is directed at him or her. Approach social media as a chat between two friends. You are trying to forge an intimate and personal connection.

Use these social media tips to gain the greatest benefits from Twitter and Facebook:

  • Strive for high-quality original content. As a general rule, don’t forward tweets from others more than once a day.
  • Don’t overwhelm or bore your followers with a blow-by-blow commentary of your day. Share only when you have something truly interesting or new to say.
  • Aim for 3 tweets a day and 2 Facebook posts. Most people check social media in the morning, at lunch and before they leave the office. The optimal times to send messages are 9-10 a.m., noon-1 p.m. and 4-6 p.m.

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