Building a business takes hard work, time and energy. If you’re selling your services as a consultant or freelancer, being an entrepreneur doesn’t necessarily take a lot of money; but it can involve some risk. On average, it takes five years for a new business to start making money. That’s too long for most people, particularly people with family responsibilities, to go without a reliable income. Zoondy gives you options.

A safety net for entrepreneurssafety net

With Zoondy, you can take a graduated approach to realizing your entrepreneurial dream. By keeping your rent-paying, bill-paying day job while you start selling your target services or products on Zoondy, you can mitigate the risk of starting a new venture. Zoondy provides a ready-made marketplace for your services coupled with marketing tools that attract potential clients. Using Zoondy to jumpstart a part-time business gives you time to work out the kinks and start building a customer base until your business is generating enough income to take it full-time.

A safety net for underemployed, part-time and retired workers

Zoondy provides a unique opportunity to increase your income by selling your expertise and trading on your experience. On Zoondy you can expand the market for the business and work skills you’ve developed over the years by selling your services as a contract worker or freelancer. You can also generate new income streams by turning hobbies, personal interests, volunteer accomplishments, talents and life skills into salable services. Because you’re your own boss, you control how much (or how little) work you accept, negotiating deadlines and payment directly with buyers. Whether your goal is to earn a little extra to make ends meet, pay off debts, add to your retirement fund or finance your dream vacation; Zoondy provides opportunities to generate the extra income you need.

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