Top-Notch TalentOne of the biggest challenges entrepreneurs, start-ups and small business owners have is finding the top-notch talent they need to help their businesses grow at a price they can afford. Zoondy offers an easy, affordable solution. A new employment engine, Zoondy provides a marketplace where workers can market their skills, expertise and experience; and business owners can buy the services they need when they need them on a per-project basis.

For example, if you’re launching a new business, rather than contract with an expensive web design company, search Zoondy for an expert web designer and cut your own deal. If you’re launching a new product, find the marketing expertise you need on Zoondy. With pay-per-project services on Zoondy, you don’t have to add to your payroll when you need occasional skills or services; simply buy what you need when you need it.

While Zoondy supports the traditional fee-for-service business model, it also allows forward-thinking entrepreneurs to tap into exciting new economic models such as crowd-sourcing and collaborative consumption. Zoondy provides a pool of experience and expertise that cuts across every imaginable field of endeavor, making it the ideal source site for creating product-development initiatives. Various Zoondy options allow entrepreneurs to retain total control of their project and costs, expanding or contracting the participant community as required by setting participation parameters and even hand-selecting participants.

For established businesses and corporations, Zoondy offers an equally handy resource site for finding experienced contract and freelance workers. When you need to staff a special or short-term project with experienced workers, Zoondy provides a ready-made platform for getting the help you need onboard quickly. And because you’re dealing directly with the service-provider, you save the exorbitant agency costs that can send projects over budget.