Consumer confidence may be rising but workers have little confidence that their retirement plans will go the distance. According to the Employee Benefit Research Institute’s recently released 2013 Retirement Confidence Survey, many workers are seriously concerned that their retirement needs will all too quickly outpace their savings. Conducted for the past 23 years, the annual survey indicates a drop in retirement confidence since last year’s survey with worker confidence levels falling back down to the record lows posted in 2011.Retirement

Half of the workers surveyed expressed little to no confidence in their ability to finance a comfortable retirement with 28% “not at all confident” in their financial ability to afford retirement and 21% “not too confident” that recession-decimated retirement savings would be enough. Only 13% of those surveyed were “very confident” that they had adequate retirement savings to live comfortably, although 38% said they were “somewhat confident” about covering retirement costs. The percentage of workers expressing the lowest retirement expectations was the highest in the survey’s 23-year history.

While the survey served as a warning to younger workers; those approaching or already facing retirement found little hope in the survey’s findings. With few options for increasing retirement income, many feel trapped between a rock and a hard place. Zoondy offers retirees options not available in traditional work environments. An innovative virtual employment marketplace that brings together people with services to sell and people with a need for those services, Zoondy offers retirees a perfect vehicle for selling their skills and experience to entrepreneurs and small business owners who need of expert services but can’t afford to add to their payrolls. Zoondy allows people to buy only the services they need when they need them without incurring payroll expenses.

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