Older Americans have been particularly hard hit by the recession. Laid off early in the recession or pressured into early retirement, most people in their 50s and 60s are finding it harder to find another job than their younger peers. And for many seniors, not working is not an option. At a time in life when many expected to be looking forward to retirement in the next few years, seniors are scrambling to find ways to augment nest eggs decimated by the financial crisis and stock market upheaval.

Trapped between a job market that favors cheaper, younger workers and dwindling financial resources, many seniors have started looking beyond the traditional job market for new revenue streams. Zoondy is a new employment platform that allows people to create new income opportunities as independent contractors, freelancers or entrepreneurs. Bringing together buyers and sellers, Zoondy lets you “Sell what you know; Buy what you need!”

Kind of like eBay for your brain, Zoondy provides a marketplace where you can sell your well-honed job skills and experience on a project-by-project basis. It’s a perfect fit for older workers who have plenty of experience to offer. You can use Zoondy to stay active in your field while you continue looking for a new job. Zoondy can help you generate a little extra income if you are retired or underemployed. Or you can use Zoondy to launch an entirely new career!

Zoondy offers the perfect opportunity for seniors to turn a hobby or special interest into a new career. Active seniors who aren’t ready to slow down but are ready for new challenges are swelling America’s entrepreneurial ranks. Zoondy gives you options and opportunities to make new dreams come true! Click here to watch our video and find out how Zoondy works.