Zoondy, the elite marketplace for peer-to-peer business expertise, is capitalizing on its recent surge in membership to raise an additional $2.5MM to expand its “Liquid Workforce” solution to 43 million U.S. business professionals.

Zoondy is excited to announce the launch of their Fundable profile as they go into a new round of funding.  Zoondy will leverage the power of the Fundable platform to reach investors that understand a shift is coming in HR and job search technology in general and want to get ahead of it by embracing the liquid workforce approach and the future of work.   Zoondy is at the forefront of change in the contingent workforce economy.  Workers are now seeking more flexible employment instead of the full-time employment of years past.  Worker are looking to stay nimble in a job market that does not have their best interest at heart.  In seeking flexible, work for hire employment, workers are able to command larger salaries and be in charge of their own schedules.

Zoondy provides a secure, structured market environment for buyers and sellers of professional high-skill expertise to transact for the knowledge, expertise and skills that they need on a short term or project basis.  Zoondy is an up-market solution, not to be confused with Uber, Fivver or Upwork.   The site targets the 43 million seasoned professionals, retirees and work-from-home executives who have proven expertise that can be shared locally or globally with businesses both small and large.

Founder and CEO, Gordon Gooch states, “Gooch continues, “This new round of funding will allow us to educate a large number of highly skilled, seasoned business professionals who have not had an opportunity to embrace the liquid workforce revolution.”

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